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May 27, 2005
It's been a cool spring - all the plants have been slow to germinate, slow to bloom. The fruits and vegetables will bear late this season. On the bright side, the cool weather also means that flowers bloom longer. They don't spend it all in a few days, as they do in hot weather.

It's been rainy, too, this week, so Q's tomatoes stand still, waiting. It doesn't hurt anything to get them in during cool weather -- they're willing to wait.

As motionless and unchanging as they are, though, it would be a mistake to imagine that nothing is happening. Beneath the surface, their roots are consolidating territory, sending out new emissaries to create new paths of nourishment. And so they are ready for the great day when the sun shines for hours. Some of them will grow half a foot in a day. They've been waiting.

Off the rails a little yourself? Or worrying yourself sick about someone else who is? Peace be with you. There are roots in there, under the ground somewhere, not visible from where you are. Things don't grow until it's time.
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