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June 17, 2008
Get visas. Get cat reservations on plane. Meet with C. Call roofing man. Pack books. Meet with N. See wedding couple. See them again. Meet with P. Explain recycling and watering to tenant. Put out metal trash. Meet with E. Send winter clothes ahead. See about drug prescriptions. Stop newspapers. Meet with J. Meet with B.

And finish my book. It's not going to be that easy getting out of here.

The trick will be to preserve the delight of our anticipation in the midst of all the work involved in getting ourselves to Italy for an entire year. The anticipation and the sadness -- there are many people from whom it will be hard to be separated for an entire year. They deserve to know that this is a sadness, and I deserve the time and space to feel it.
So many events in people's lives get lost in the shuffle of making them happen. Stressed-out brides and grooms suffer through their own weddings, new parents agonize throughout their squalling babies' baptisms. The guest of honor at a surprise party pastes on a happy smile and wishes he'd been consulted. Why didn't they remember that he hates crowds?

There are some great ideas in life that just have to be thrown overboard, even though they are great ideas. There are some really fun things that just aren't going to happen, even though they'd be really fun. The triage of daily living demands it. You can't do everything.
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