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Give a Gift For Life through Episcopal Relief and Development today!
Give a Gift For Life through Episcopal Relief & Development today!
Give the Gift of Animals

Animals supply much-needed nutrients which help families maintain healthy diets. Crop-producing plants and trees, as well as animals like cows, goats, pigs and chickens, provide families living in poverty with important sources of food and income. These gifts are among the most valuable items you can give because they provide a great income stream so families can build a stable future.

Give the Gift of Basics of Life

Millions of people around the world lack basic essentials to stay healthy and improve their lives. Every day is a challenge to survive. Gifts like clean water, post-natal care and health clinics can make all the difference between life and death.

Give the Gift of Emergency Relief

Immediately after emergencies our programs work in partnership with local communities to deliver life-saving assistance worldwide, providing critical supplies such as medicine, blankets, nutritious food and clean water to vulnerable children and families. Your gift today helps us respond immediately after a flood, drought, earthquake, civil unrest or other natural and human-made emergencies.

Give the Gift of Preventable Diseases Support & Education

major focus of Episcopal Relief & Development's programs involves protecting children and families from contracting infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever and HIV/AIDS. These diseases leave orphaned children vulnerable, whole communities without a workforce and families unable to support themselves.

Kids can Give a Gift!

Hey Kids! Take a look at how you can help people in countries around the world. Work with your parents to select one or more items that you want to give. Just think, you can do something good for a child who lives thousands of miles away!

Economic Opportunities

Creating economic opportunities is vital to combating poverty. Episcopal Relief & Development finds long-term solutions that help families and communities permanently break out of poverty. For people living in and close to cities, ERD provides education and training to improve skills and enable people to find jobs. We also operate micro-finance programs that help launch small businesses.

Give a Seasonal Gift

Celebrate each season and honor loved ones throughout the year by giving gifts that help children and families in need. Choose meaningful gifts from our seasonal gift options. You will save lives and improve the health and income of people in need each quarter of the year.

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