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April 29, 2004
"Friends" came and went. Or maybe it's coming and going -- the extended farewell on Internet and billboards renders its exact status unclear to me, and two of the Friends are running repeatedly into each other's arms on my AOL sign-in screen right this moment, so maybe they're not over yet. Not that I'm going to check -- I've never seen "Friends." It seems not to be a show about Quakers.

Never saw "Seinfeld," either.

Never seen "Saturday Night Live." I've never seen "The Tonight Show," with either Jack or Johnny or Jay. Never seen Letterman. Never seen a 4am infomercial.

I'm asleep at night. Which means I miss a fair portion of the popular culture. Once I was producing a play, and sat in the audience seats to take a look at what the director was doing unfolding onstage. At a certain point, everyone in the cast began to pound on the set pieces and yell "Mort! Mort! Mort! Mort!" We were supposed to know what that meant. Ah, I thought, it's something on TV. Good Lord.

In the morning, the NPR announcer tells us its someone's birthday, and that he's thirty-nine. Never heard of him. Must be a television star.

Are you getting enough sleep? Producing enough in your daily endeavors to satisfy you? Finding the time to pray and sit quietly in the presence of God? And if not, are you up until 2am staring at a box?

Just asking.
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