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April 30, 2004
Listen to Bob interview Charles Osgood, Q IMs me. I'm in Texas; he's in New Jersey.

Today is Edwards' last day as host of NPR's Morning Edition. We have listened to Bob every morning for years and years, and now we'll have some other voice helping us into the day. I'm sure it will be a wonderful voice. And, years hence, I'm sure that someone else will be sad when that voice moves on.

Bob didn't want to leave the show. It wasn't his idea. There was a modest outcry among his cultured listeners, including some celebrity ones, but to no avail. This helps us remember that NPR is a corporation, like other corporations, and that these entities almost never change in response to outcry. Even celebrity outcry. It's public radio, but not that public.

We feel like we know them. We even feel like they know us. They are friends. They pass from our days and we remember, as they pass, that our days are passing, too. Good-bye, good-bye. God be with you. Good-bye.
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