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February 24, 2005
Oh, snow! Bring it on. Bring on one last great dump of it, let's get a few good cancellations, let there be plenty of tea and some good bread. Let there be firewood and scented candles and a new chicken recipe. Let there be plenty of seed starter and let the seeds from last year germinate in their tiny biosphere of soil and water with a tight Saran wrap sky.

Let there be overtime, one more night of it, time and half and a whole shift of it, no matter how tired I get. And then let us get through the spring, somehow, and please let my wife get something before her unemployment runs out at the end of April. Please let us get a big refund. Thank you for the snow. Please.

Let me finish this book this very weekend, as the snow piles up outside, and email it off, and then let me never be late again. And forgive me, because thou knowest I am already late with the next one.

Let that psycho be in jail this weekend, and not in the shelter. Or, if he is there, let there be a cot near where the night attendant sits where I can sleep, because thou knowest he looks for me and likes to beat me because I am small. And thou knowest I am too old to grow. I still do not know why you made me so small and then let me be homeless; thou knowest it is especially dangerous to be both homeless and small. So let there be an empty cot near the attendant, because thou knowest that if there isn't, I'm going back out in the snow and take my chances on the trains.

Help me stay away for the chocolates and the oatmeal raisin cookies. Maybe I can manage the cookies on my own.

Let them tell us this morning that we can go back home this afternoon. and let there be no more snow on the mountain and no more rain until things dry out. Let our house still be there when we get back, even if it is full of mud. Thank you for helping me get Mother's picture and the patchwork pillow I made, because thou knowest that it would have been ruined and thou knowest how much I wish she were here now.

Help me, make me remember everyone for whom the snow is a burden. Well, you don't make me do things. But you can help me. Help me remember and not be so selfish. Keep me mindful of the needs of others, Amen, Amen, and Amen.
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