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April 2, 2005
Take a trip to the Farm at and check out The HodgePodge and More or Less Church!

The HodgePodge - Recipes. Household hints. Stories about life with
David, Debbie Loeb's son whose disability makes
things hard and funny at the same time. Do you also
have a disabled family member and a story to tell?
Or a household hint? A craft idea or a cool new
product other people should know about? A song
or a film or a book you love?

If the Geranium Farm were an actual church, The
Hodgepodge would be the parish kitchen, where
you chat about life, love and the Supremes while
peeling two hundred pounds of apples.

Visit The HodgePodge soon, watch for new stuff,
and send your ideas and reactions to Debbie at

More or Less Church - Need a new song for the kids? A liturgy for
a beloved animal who has died, or a blessing for
children who are starting school? Have you
preached a sermon that's so good you can't stand
it? Need a prayer for a special occasion, or have
you written one? Have you a play that works well
instead of a sermon, or a variation on the same old
Christmas pageant? Do you have a special way of
welcoming people to church, or a special way of
saying good-bye when people move away?

Think outside a box a little at More or Less Church
with Deacon Joanna Depue, and let us all be the
richer for it.

Visit More or Less Church, and send stuff to
DJ at
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