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June 30, 2005
Lightning was everywhere. The deafening claps of thunder were too steady for me to perform the usual count of seconds between clap and flash to see how far away the center was -- it was right here, on this hill. The rain pounded the earth and hit so hard that the drops bounced, marching along the ground like an army gone berserk.

Such power. I stood on the porch and watched for a long time. Majestic. I thought of rain in the Bible, of the flood, of the Song of the Three Young Men -- "storm clouds and thunderbolts, glorify the Lord!" Somewhere a librarian, wakened by the storm, tosses and turns in bed, unable to think of much besides how she's going to get all those stickers about how evolution is a theory off all those textbooks. Folks in her county think God's creative power is diminished by what we know of the history of the earth, of life upon it, of us.

It is not: it becomes more and more glorious with every eon, every minute change in one species's yielding mysteriously to become another. Another deafening crash of thunder, another arc of electric power from earth to heaven, and I believe that absolutely anything can happen.


A note to my "Let us bless the Lord! crowd:
I apologize for my silence - I I have computer problems here in Geneva
NY, and can't gain access to my private lists. I'll be back home on
Monday. In the meantime, Let us bless the Lord!
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