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September 7, 2005
I think Ethel Merman may have gone back to Mexico. The feeders haven't been touched -- even the bees seem to have forgotten about them. I think she felt the stiffening of the air these past few nights and realized it was time to fly. I wish I'd been abale to say good-bye.....

Well, hey -- have a great time!

Yeah, thanks. I always do down there. Mexico's a swell place.

Where do you stay?

Oh, different places until I get home. I take my time getting down there. Probably It'll be a month or so before I get there, maybe longer. I'l just have to see.

They had a hurricane down on the Gulf Coast, you know.

Yeah? No, I didn't know. They got'em down there, lemme tell you.

How do you survive in one? You're so tiny.

Honey, we can fly, remember? We ride it out. Wild. But we go with it and if nothing hits us, we're good.

But sometimes something does?

Oh, yeah. That's it, then.

Oh. Well...have a great time. You have family down there?

Just every Red Throat in Puerta Vallarta. We go out, we take up a lot of room considering we're each only two inches long, y'know? You should see us.

I'd like to.

Yeah, well. I'll show you around if you ever get down that way.

Okay. Um... Ethel?


Thanks so much for coming this summer. I really wanted you to come. I'd been hoping for so long. So thanks, you know?

Think nothing of it. Nice place ya got here.

Maybe you could come back next year?

I'll definitely consider it.

(A light buzz. Exit Ethel.)
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