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February 21, 2006
Difficulty moving. Difficulty thinking. Couldn't, for the life of me, get out of bed after a nap that went on far too long, and now can't, for the life of me, think of an eMo to write. I run through the three signs that you're having a stroke -- Can you raise your arms? Can you smile? Can you say a simple sentence? -- and conclude that I have not had one. No excuse -- I'm going to have to write.

It was so luxurious, though, to snuggle back under a quilt instead of getting up. To have the freedom to do that -- in the middle of the day! Tired from nothing much -- an early rising, some simple baking, a morning meeting: not much of a workday. To be tired from nothing much and to have the luxury of admitting it -- a new sort of heaven on earth for me.

I have never known why I am so blessed. There are so many who work so much harder than I do, and never get to rest. So many who have no lovely bed to lie in, no quilt. Who never get to change their clothes or take a lovely shower, feel the warm water covering them all over, head to toes, like the shower of God's love. I have all these things. It makes me fabulously wealthy, in comparison with almost everyone else in the world. God is good, I say all the time, every time something lovely strikes me.

But what goes around also comes around: God is good even when life is hard. When life is hard, we need to know the goodness of God. But it's difficult to feel it and see it, and so the goodness of God comes often in the form of other people's kindnesses, large and small.

A season of easy life must be a gracious signal to become part of the goodness of God for those whose lives are harder. That's it: rest up. Cuddle under the quilt. And then get up and make it better for someone else.
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