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October 4, 2006
Will the hydrangea heads keep their purple? It already represents a fading from the lovely blue of their summer selves. It is rich, this purpling of the hydrangeas, dusky and tinged with the toasty brown of autumn.

Yes, they will keep their purple, but only by being picked now and dried. They can't keep it and live. This purple phase is a moment on their journey, a progression from the tight piercing green bud clusters of April through their steady blue blooming, huge heads of flowers on substantial bushes forming the curve at the front of the walk.

Of course, there is always more in the garden than meets the eye. The truth is, there is no curve at the foot of the walk. Our front walk is an uninspired straight line of cement leading to the house. The hydrangeas have been our accomplices in fooling the eye about it. Let a few hydrangeas lean over its straight edge here, let a pot or two of something else lounge along its other side a few feet nearer the house. Let a poppy extend its odd furry foliage over the edge there, a Russian sage here, and soon a straight walk looks like a winding path. All it takes is a little uncorsetting of the plants. And the easy decision never to edge.

And the hydrangeas hold another truth close to their chests: they're not really blue. Not naturally. They're white. These hydrangeas are passing! They only turn blue because Q feeds them aluminum sulfate in the spring. You can turn them pink by feeding them lime.

Oh, they were beautiful this summer. One day I went outside to find a young man picking them. What are you doing?

Picking flowers.

Well,who are you?

I'm just a random guy picking flowers.

Next time, ask! I would have given you some.

He said he was sorry and walked off. A few minutes later, I looked up and saw him heading toward Main Street, arm in arm with a girl. She leaned her head happily on his shoulder, and she held a bouquet of my blue hydrangeas in one hand. I could not find it in my heart to be angry about this: it was too wonderful, in too many ways.

Q deals drugs to the hydrangeas, who lie about their color and fool the world into thinking that a straight cement walk is a winding path. The young man steals hydrangeas and gives them to his girlfriend, who may still think he bought her flowers. Truth complexifies in the garden, more than most people know.

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