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January 17, 2007
Another important deadline that has chaperoned me everywhere for months has been dispatched. I did not meet it, not exactly -- not by a long shot, actually -- but I finished the work and it is now on someone else's desk for a while.

There is another one, of course. A long-overdue project that really needs to be finished and finished well, so that ten other important things can happen in its train. I am not on time with this one, either, not by a long shot.

Then there's a really cool thing a few of us have been talking about -- a radio show! With conversation and music and interviews and a radio eMo-- wouldn't that be fun? So some shows need to be sketched out and discussed. I am not on time with this. We had originally thought we might be able to make some pilots during Lent. Lent of what year? That's what I want to know.

It is wonderful to spin out ideas. It is truly amazing when some of them take root and grow into something like what you first imagined. It almost always takes longer for this to happen than I think it will, and I am almost always the reason for the delay.

A more single-minded approach to life and work would probably fix this. Probably, I should decide to be one thing or another--not three or four things. Slowly, steadily, I would work on my one thing and it would be done on time. Then I would start another one thing. That certainly sounds sensible. But it doesn't sounds much like me.

Or much like anybody else I know. People who have wonderful ideas tend not to have only one of them, nor to have only one at a time. And people live in a world full of other people, many of whom also have wonderful ideas, irresistibly wonderful.

We'll get it all done somehow. Okay, we'll get some of it done. But there will always be too many flowers in the garden to pick them all. That's the nature of a garden.
Gardens and Grace: Soul Sanctuary
Mark your calendar now for "Gardens and Grace: Soul Sanctuary, Quiet Delight" at Kanuga in Hendersonville, NC, this coming May 27-31. Barbara Crafton will be among the keynote speakers, and will also be around to talk about garden writing (bring yours!). Philip Roderick founder of the Quiet Garden Movement in England, will speak about Celtic Spirituality. Terry Hershey, landscape designer and writer, will talk about what gardens teach us about living in the blessed present. And Denise Inge will talk about the ecstatic nature poetry of Thomas Treherne. And Kanuga will be its beautiful self, one of the loveliest places anywhere.
Chat With the Doc!
Need some company and support in maintaining a healthier lifestyle? You need the StandUp Doc's new online program "Lose Weight in Your Pajamas." Join Barbara Crafton and Anil Maheshwari, the famous StandUp Doc, in an hour-long online chat tomorrow, Thursday, January 18th at 8pm EST. The doc will discuss weight loss and answer your questions, and we can all talk about what works and what doesn't. You can do it, and we can help. To join the chat, visit and click on "Live Chat."
Pajamas optional.
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