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January 26, 2007
Already, the kosher grocery was getting ready to close as I passed by, although the sun was still high in the sky. Everyone must be home and settled by sundown. I imagine the women in their houses and apartments, lighting the Sabbath candles as their children watch, fascinated as all children are with the little flame. I imagine their meal together, as special a meal as time and budget allow, and their quiet tomorrow.

Perhaps it is not as lovely in real life as it is in my imagining, but it is certainly lovely there. Perhaps there are degrees of Sabbath observance in Jewish homes, as there are degrees of observance in Christian ones. Perhaps people there fall short, as we do.

But there is no mistaking the Sabbath hunger in my soul. Friday night feels like Sabbath in our house, too, as I am usually working and traveling on the Christian one. Sometimes my travel must begin on Friday, and then I am denied our Friday Sabbath: dinner with just Q and me, no company or phone calls, a date at 8pm with Gwen Ifill on PBS, a quiet reading time, an early bedtime.

We all have a right to sabbath. God ordained it from the beginning, we read in Genesis, placing it last in the ascending order of creation, even higher than human beings, at its very pinnacle. As productive as we must be all week, the predictable day of rest has not moved from its place of honor among us.

Is there an evening you could declare as your Sabbath, even if you cannot manage a whole day? An evening during which you do not accept calls, an evening that becomes well known among your friends and family as the evening they don't call you? If you cannot keep your Sabbath every week, might you keep it often enough that you come to long for it when it goes missing?

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