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February 27, 2007
To exercise or to finish my work? I had a deadline and an eMo hanging over my head, but was also a bit stiff and, as always, aware that not exercising is really dangerous for me. One day of not exercising is apt to lead to two or three more, and an entire winter can pass before you know it.

Perhaps I could do both. Make as much headway on the deadline as possible before leaving for the gym and then write the eMo in whatever time was left before my first appointment. Yes, that was a good plan.

At the gym, I realized that the partially finished piece in the computer needed another paragraph or two in order to make sense, so it was a good thing that I hadn't finished it before I left. Of course, I still had no eMo in my mind, but that happens. When it does, I remember that the Lord will provide. Art teaches a person trust like nothing else can. You just take out your pencil and begin. The Lord will provide.

Well, how will the Lord provide? From what will the Lord provide? From my two little fishes and five loaves of day-old pita bread, I guess. We think we have to make the plan every time in order to be at peace about it, that we need a detailed blueprint of what will happen and when it will happen -- but sometimes God just does it, and we are always surprised when that happens. As always, God will create the future from the leavings of the past, melting them down and reshaping them into something else. Every new thing in the universe is made of stuff that was lying around -- me, you, your new baby, the daffodils thinking about coming up in your garden. It's all old.

So we're always at home in our comfy clothes, no matter where we go and what we're wearing. No matter how strange a situation is, parts of it are familiar. We have seen some of it before.
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