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March 28, 2007
So much to do -- I haven't raked all the mulch out from under things yet, uncovering nice new green leaves eager for the sun. Haven't pruned the butterfly bushes within an inch of their lives, or dispatched the dried skeletons of last year's taller plants, which provided such interesting architecture during the winter months but now need to move aside for a new generation. Haven't tidied up the lavender.

I keep getting re-infected with my cold instead. Both bishops at the clergy day I attended yesterday were sniffling and coughing discreetly, having brought back a bug from the Texas meeting they had both attended. They ran a fine event, and I did my best, too, but home in bed might have been a nice idea for all of us.

It was pleasant enough going out there on the train yesterday morning, but when we had finished with our work inside and emerged into the afternoon, it was downright glorious -- bright, sunny, summer-warm. I turned my face to the sky and let the sun shine on my head cold, half expecting an immediate cure -- surely no bug could endure the bright sun. The cure is a work in progress, I suppose: I didn't get my sudden deliverance.

But I did manage to move a few things around in the garden while waiting for my ride to come to my evening engagement, and felt much better after I had done so. I wasn't out there five minutes, but I managed to free up some lovely little things hiding under the mulch. I have scant time today, either, but the pruners are at the ready and I will get in a snip or two. The lovely long hours spent in the garden are still ahead, but these snippets are not nothing. From now until the frost comes, a day won't go by without at least a moment in the garden, seeing what's what and helping out as needed.

The most onerous part of my year's travel is over. Lent is a busy time for retreat leaders, and this one has been especially so. There will be other trips, but they won't be so close together. Now I will have time to think of other things. Family things. What to write next. Garden things. Beautifully ordinary Bible study with the folks at the Church across the street. Sitting in the pew instead of standing in the pulpit. Ordinary dinners at home with Q. Painting the window seat. Gathering up unused clothes and taking them somewhere where they'll do somebody some good.

O praise the Lord! You dry cleaner and you sweaters on your way there! You garden and you garden rake! You bird feeder and you bird! Seed and soil, book and reader, mixing bowl and wooden spoon, you cats on the pavement, O you sun in the sky, O praise the Lord!
This Saturday: Church of the Holy Trinity, Ocean City NJ, Lenten Quiet Day wtih Barbara Crafton. 609-399-1019

Next Tuesday: Church of the Holy Trinity, South River, NJ, a Quiet Evening with Barbara Crafton exploring developing a satisying prayer life. 732.254.1734

MaundyThursday, 12 noon. Geranium Journey to St. John's of Lattingtown, LI. Bag lunch and discussion with Barbara Crafton 516-671-3226

Good Friday, April 6th, 12-3. Barbara Crafton preaches at noon.

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