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April 18, 2007
Transfixed as we still are by the massacre of 32 people at Virginia
Tech, we do not lose sight of the fact that there is more every day: 80
people perished in one car-bombing in Baghdad this morning, with dozens more wounded. Death came calling this week, close to home, but it's a regular visitor in a world at war.

These are the times to go deeper and deeper in prayer. So many people
are involved in so many ways, and there isn't one who is not a child of
God, not one to whom we are not called to join ourselves in prayer.

Because it can be so hard to pray for someone who wishes me harm, I have learned to allow God to give me that kind of prayer as the gift it can
only be. I don't have what it takes to pray for my enemy, one of the
many ways in which I can tell I'm not Jesus. That prayer must come to
me from God. I can only step back from the whirlpool of my horror and
fear and present the one for whom I cannot pray to God. I lack the
power to do more.

But I must do that much. Not for us, the prim refusal to engage the
enemy in prayer. It is not for us to turn away -- we only compound the
sum of the world's enmity if we do that. I can't let my pain and anger
keep me away, even if I know myself to be able to overcome it under my
own steam.

And so I speak the name of the one whose motives I cannot understand,
will never understand, the one whose sorrow is so enormous that my heart buckles under its weight. I only speak the name, and then I let God take it from there.
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