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April 30, 2007
I got a little done last night in our bedroom -- some corners excavated and dusted. I decided to retire a large population of family photographs for the summer, in favor of larger areas of visible tabletop. Less clutter.
Decorating magazines by the dozen went into the recycling. My round black leather collar box went into a drawer -- it's no beauty contest winner; why should it rate a place of honor on top of the dresser?
Where's my shoe horn? Q asked this morning. My periodic rages for order alarm him. It took me a minute to spot the shoehorn where I had put it last night, peeking attractively out of a basket.

The question is, do I have time to paint the India Room and turn it into something a little less intense? To replace the saris currently serving as a canopy on the bed with lovely old white table runners, artfully arranged over the canopy frame? To paint the wicker armoire and the wicker bedside table a light color? To put up different curtains?

And to get the urns planted out front? Oh, and finally to change the curtains at the windows in the upstairs hall and paint the window seat a deep espresso? And make another rabbit cake for my daughter's students to decorate this Wednesday when I visit her classroom?
No, I guess not. Not all of those things. I guess I'll just have to choose some.

But here is one thing: I refuse to allow not having done everything stop me from rejoicing in whatever I do manage to accomplish. Anything we do is better than nothng, and anything more is better still.
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