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May 23, 2007
Ben doesn't know he's getting his teeth cleaned today. All he knows is that he hasn't had his breakfast and that we're not doing anything about it. It will be a new experience for him, and he will be sedated, so no food after midnight.

For the most part, he is taking it well. An initial morning chorus of meows has yielded to a remarkably quiet meditation on the rug in my office. So maybe he does know about the dentist. Maybe Ben is deep in prayer.

After all, we don't need words when we pray. We can just present ourselves, confident that our needs are already well known to God. We are not mysterious to God, as God is to us. We are completely understood.

It must be remarkable, being God -- it is so different from the way we are. Every day I understand the world less and less, become aware of complexities that had escaped my attention until now and bear further investigation, nuances of which I had been utterly unaware. Nothing is as I thought it was, not in any simple way. Everything is a surprise.

So I won't run out of work to do any time soon. This world will keep me busy until I leave it, for sure. I doubt I will even have plumbed the depths of this noisy black cat before he leaves me to begin the next of his nine lives. Even Ben will remain a mystery to my rudimentary understanding.

I look forward to what I will know, when all is said and done here. What I will be. Where the "I" of me will go. Pondering it is a wonder, even now. What must it be to live it at last?
This weekend, a visit to North and South Carolina:
Sunday, May 27, Barbara Crafton will preach at the Cathedral of All Souls in Asheville, NC at 8:00 and 11:15.
Sunday, May 27 through Thursday May 31, "Gardens and Grace" at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC, with Philip Roderick, Terry Hershey, Denise Inge, Barbara Crafton and many others.
Saturday, June 2nd, 9:30-3:00, St. James Center for Spiritual Development in Greenville, SC.
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