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June 4, 2007
We should have a 1950s Bible movie festival, Dottie said a few weeks ago after Bible study.

Yeah. "King of Kings."

"Solomon and Sheba."

"Ben Hur." Oh, and "The Robe."


What about "The Ten Commandments?"

Definitely. We have to start with "The Ten Commandments."

More of the rest of class was spent on tossing out titles of forgotten Victor Mature movies than on Paul's letter to the Ephesians. When the festival will be, and which movies will make the final cut for inclusion in it, remain to be seen. Look for it in the late summer, when people grow a little bored and are apt to be silly.

I imagine that we will tire rather quickly of the bulging muscles and unlikely cleavage of which those old Bible movies were made, of their strange mixture of titillation and childishness. Our study of scripture together on Sunday evenings is very different from those old movies: no stirring theme music, not much in the way of special effects. Just a few people reading and talking together about the ancient books that record the ongoing human attempt to discern the presence of the divine in the world of history.

This is what we mean when we say the Holy Scriptures are inspired by God. The inspiration of them is this ancient longing to enter into relationship with God and help others to enter into it as well -- each of us in the way the Spirit empowers.

Thursday, June 7th, 12 noon, Geranium Journey to St. Peter's, Bayshore, LI. We will break bread together with Barbara Crafton and people of faith from many backgrounds. Bring your lunch....desserts etc will be there. This week: a special visit from the director of wonderful Camp De Wolfe on the North Shore, the place where young people have been welcomed every summer for 60 years. Bring friends from all congregations...... An easy train ride from Penn Station, New York! Email

Deacon J is on the Road! Sunday, June 10, 10 am at Christ Church, Jordan, NY. She will preach at the 10am service and offer her "Reader's Digest" Q & A course on the diaconate. Phone 315-689-3141 for information and directions.
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