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November 2, 2007
Sometimes I really wonder about myself.....This is how it should read.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Matthew 5:8

The heart: manifestly not sinless,
has ventricles, heart-wombs,
made to receive.
Faithful it beats, coaxes darkened blood
toward its brightening.
This is purification; without it we die.

Seat of faith, for Doctors of the Church
and modern publicists,
tied to feeling of which it knows nothing,
battered, without and within.
by its own hand and by the hands of others,
shocked by sudden loss, by fear,
sometimes even killed,
dead from fear of dying.

A new heart.
Aware that it will end, content
to have it so. A center unfocused
and undivided:
this is not natural.
Such a heart is schooled.
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