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They have been published online since the spring of 2001. They have also appeared in numerous magazines and online publications, and Church Publishing brought out a collection of them in paperback in 2002.

You can buy that collection from the Geranium Farm for $17, including shipping. You can order the next one too, the "Second Crop", also for $17.

Yup. You can buy the books.

But you will always get the eMos for nothing. In your inbox most mornings. Everyone can.

The eMos are a part of many people's spiritual routine, and they should remain free of charge.

Ministries of Spiritual Direction should also be available to those who want them, regardless of their ability to pay. Though not a sacrament, Spiritual Direction is a pastoral office of the Church, and should not be offered in exchange for money.

Retreats and Quiet Days are an valuable way to help maintain spiritual strength and health, and everyone should be able to enjoy them.

If the eMos have found a good home with you...

If they have enriched your spiritual life...

If you would like to make sure they will be available to everyone for free...

If you would like to support the Geranium Farm's other ministries, like our Parish Partners in Spiritual Direction program and our retreats and quiet days...

Why not make a donation to The Geranium Farm?

You can do it online, right here and right now.

Or mail a check, payable to The Geranium Farm, to:

The Geranium Farm, 53 McCoy Ave, Metuchen, NJ 08840-2562


Geranium Farmer (gift over $250)

Geranium Planter (gift of $100-$250)

Another Satisfied Geranium (gift under $100)

You get your eMos free. Help keep it that way.

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